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After years of issues dealing with affiliates and agents ourselves, we realized there was a big issue in customer service. We believe lack of transparency, slow response times, and late payments are unacceptable practices Thus, we created CoinFlip. A team of affiliates who are online poker players as well.

We provide sign up deals for online poker players and free consultation discussing all your options. Our goal is to provide unrivaled customer service while providing the best deals for our players.

CoinFlip Poker Affiliates has rake back deals with almost every online poker site worldwide.

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The best rakeback deals for online poker players



CoinFlip Affiliates was started based on bad experiences with rakeback affiliates in the poker industry. Lack on transparency, negligent communication, and late payments are just a few of the common issues we deemed unacceptable.


Each one of us are professionals in the poker industry. We have experience navigating the best online poker sites ourselves.


We negotiate with sites to get you the best deals. Your agent is an active member of the community and always up to date with what's going on in online poker.



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We will answer any of your questions before requesting any info. Fill out the form below and choose contact method. Easiest to discuss on Discord, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

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Do not sign up anywhere without talking to us first. If you register without our referral link you will be ineligible for our deals! We respond same business day if between 9AM-6PM EST. Your agent will ask you some questions, answer all your questions, and recommend the best deals for you. Contact us anytime 24/7!


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We don't play around – we get the best deals and we set you up fast. We guarantee the best customer service.


If you're interested in discussing the best rake-back options for you fill out the form. Your agent will be in touch in no time.

We don't need much info up front. We will answer any questions you have without asking any private information. Best way to reach us is the form or email:

Reminder: Wait for a referral link from us, if you sign up on your own you will be ineligible!